Tips To Deep Clean Your House In One Day


How many times have you ever hosted a big party at your place, only to leave the house cleaning for the day before? No matter if you are in a serious time crunch and wish to deep clean the whole house or just want to clean the complete house in just one day, this guide is for you.

Here in this guide, we have provided tips that can assist you in the process of deep cleaning and power washing your whole house. To clean a house in a day is possible but it demands more effort. To learn more in detail, keep reading till the end.

1. Deep Clean Your Bathroom

After decluttering the bathroom, wash all the items like towels, bath mats, or shower curtains using a washing machine. Begin the process of cleaning the bathroom from the top and then go downwards. Make sure to dust everything present in the bathroom using a handheld vacuum or soft cloth. Keep in mind to get rid of all the dust in the bathroom before you apply any cleaning products to the surfaces.

Then use a cleaning spray to clean tubs and showers. Disinfect the toilet seats, handles, base, backs, and more. Clean all the knobs present in the bathroom. Once you are done with it then clean the mirrors of the bathroom with a glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol.

2. How To Deep Clean Your House Exterior

Declutter the exterior of the house first and then get rid of the items that are no longer needed. Try to move the cars or other vehicles away when you want to clean the garage. Take some time out to organize things and try to put boxes away that are no longer needed. You can donate things to the people who need them. The garage, garden, driveway, etc must be power washed once every few months. If you have a swimming pool then swimming pool cleaning is also mandatory before the start of the summer season.

Make certain to put all the cleaning tools in an order and the ladder in the correct location. Dust the ceiling in the garage and make efforts to eliminate all the cobwebs and other particles that are present on the shelves or walls. Besides that also wash and clean door mats, rugs, or any other fabric item that is in use in these outdoor spaces. Wip all the hard surfaces in the patio, lawn, or garage such as tables or shelves and sweep the floor to remove all the debris.

3. Deep Clean Interior Of Your House

The first step should be to remove all the clutter from the rooms including the bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Arrange all the items including clothes, books, appliances, and other items at their respective places. Then start from the above. In the room or living room, begin removing the dust from the ceiling, light fixtures, walls, fans, etc. Make sure to use a damp microfiber cloth.

Wash all the items like pillowcases, blankets, and kitchen mats to get clean items. Use a vacuum to clean the floor, especially the carpet or those areas in the cabinet where you can not reach otherwise.

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